Professional Voiceovers Showreel Demos

Professional Voiceover Artist Andy Turvey’s showreel demoing his latest cartoon characters:

Voiceover artist Andy Artist has amassed considerable expertise over the years with his versatile, adaptable and professional range of cartoon voiceovers.

As you can hear from the above- these have included roles in Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Nursery Crimes, Robo Car Poli, Logerheads, Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Friends, Rusty Rivet, and Lunar Jim.

One other asset to consider when you are considering your cartoon’s next lineup is that Andy owns his own ISDN recording studio – so he can reliably record your script with ease.

So, if you too would like a professional, British voiceover recording for your cartoon’s recordings – please either ring him on +44 1242 523576 or click on the Contact Us button now to check his availability:

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